Author : IAIVF | 20 August 2012

Merck Serono: Our Collaboration in improving ART in Indonesia

Since IVF started in Indonesia in 1987, the number of couples receiving IVF is relatively small compared to other Asian countries. Many infertile couples choose to have the IVF program in Singapore or Malaysia. Out of  the 39.8 million or so Indonesian women of child bearing age, approximately10-15% are infertile.  The question is: is this trend due to lack of local IVF information?

“There are 23 fertility clinics under PERFITRI, an Indonesian Association for IVF,” said Prof. Soegiharto Soebijanto MD,OG,(REI) Chairman of PERFITRI. “The clinics are supported by IVF specialists with good facilities. The services include initial consultation, and integrated service,” added Prof. Soegiharto.

It is a challenge for Pefitri and Merck that most couples do not understand that successful IVF treatment is affected by many factors, one of which is age. “The earlier a married couple start the IVF process, the bigger the chance of success,” said Budi Wiweko MD,OG,(REI) General Secretary of PERFITRI, “Couples have to understand that the definition of infertility is the inability of a couple to achieve a successful pregnancy conception after 12 months or more of regular unprotected intercourse. After a year, couples should consult with their doctor since some cases require couples to directly go for IVF treatment.”

Budi continued by explaining that a healthy 30-year-old woman has about a 20% chance in a given month to get pregnant. And since this Merck Serono, one of the pharmaceutical divisions of PT Merck Tbk, supports PERFITRI to socialize IVF to members of Indonesian society who have infertility problems, especially young couples, by donating a website that is called . The website provides

couples with complete Infertility as well as IVF information.

“Merck Serono, a well-known producer of fertility medication in the world, has a vision of educating the public regarding In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), especially helping infertile couples in every step of

reproduction and the growth of follicles in the early steps of pregnancy,” said Evie Yulin Director of Merck Serono, “We have committed to continue the infertility and IVF socialization among Indonesians and ensure a better understanding towards IVF.”